Hindu High School, Triplicane…Old memories

I had been a student of this wonderful institution between 1949-50 and 1951-1952, when I passed out SSLC.  If I am today what I am (I retired from Advani-Oerlikon Electrodes Ltd. Bombay, as Deputy General Manager (Export Administration) in 1997, after a stint of about 40 years' service).  I have just entered my 79th year.

Shri T.P. Srinivasavaradhan, was the then Head Master, with Shri Sowriraja Iyenger as the Asst. Head Master.  Shri Rajagopalan as the Office Assistant.  To the extent I can remember now, some of my class and subject teachers were Shri S.R. Kothandarama Iyenger, Shri Mahalingam, Shri T.P. Ragothama Rao, Shri S.Y. Subramanian, Shri Janakiraman, Shri Gundu Rao, Shri S.R. Krishnamoorthy and Shri N.D. Subramaniam. 

There was one G. Ramaswamy, living the house next to the school, but of different section.  I had wonderful classmates like Shri S. Mahadevan, Shri P. Kesava Reddy, Shri Brahmananda Prasad, Shri K.V. Lakshminarayanan etc...
T R Bhanumoorthy (1952-52 batch S S L C ), Chembur, Mumbai bhanumoorthy.tr@gmail.com
I lived in the same house where Sri.G.Ramaswamy lived. Mr.Ramaswamy lived in 1st floor and We lived in the back yard  back of our drama stage. May be My brother Mr K.R.lakshminarayanan belonged to your group who studued in Bifurcated engineering section.Mr Ramaswamy shifted to Coimbatore on retirement of his Father sri Gopalakrishna iyer   and was employed in Bank of India at Coimbatore and retired there.Mr Ramaswami is no more. Regards
K.R.Ramanathan ( 1960-61- S.S.L.C batch) kr45ramanathan@gmail.com
I too once again wish & need to share my happy occasions:   Self - S.S.L.C.  passed out in 1970 Batch -  Section  XI - F - in Ground Floor right hand side corner room -  Our Class Teacher:   Shri. D. Ramanujam  (Maths & English) - Tamil:Shri. V.V. Natarajan -Science: Shri. Thiagarajan-  His. & Geography :  Nick Name:  Everest (sorry to say, since, not known Sirs original name from the beginning)   

The Present CMD of State Bank of Hyderabad -Mr. M. Bhagavantha Rao is my class from Xth to Xlth This CMD  scored Marks in SSLC:  505/600. Other  important credentials to this CMD:
After written of Last Exam in B.Sc. (Vivekananda college) in April 1974, very immediately got  the Job in Central Bank of India,Marakkanam Branch, near Pondy, followed by Bank of India, Zonal Office, Errabalu Chetty St., Broadway(scored 1st rank)  consecutively followed by  SBi Probationary officer- by straight Merit.

Other few personalities of my Batch are:
Our Alumni Association VP Mr. R. P. Sarathy (affectionately  known as Vivek Sarathy),now Vice President in  ESSAR Shipping Ltd.
Our Alumni Assn. Secretary : Mr. A. Elangovan :  Self-starter during his college days, exporter of flowers, vegetables since 1974.
Mr. Kittu (krishnamurthy) : Popular  entertainment Actor, specialising  "MONOLISA SMILE", in  present  audience prefer style  with Audio Sound.
you should forgive me for not mentioning  Tamil Amazing Actor  of my batch : yes,  Mr. Kittu (Krishnamurthy) popularly known by Tamil Cine Circle & Cine Fans:  "MADHAN BOBB" During our School Days, he is so popular  in Light music, started with Music Director in Cho Ramaswamy Drama plays- followed by Stage Light Music-introduction in Tamil Cinema  by the Director Thiru. K. Balachandar.
N Viswanathan Narayanaswamy(1969-70 SSLC) eskayheramba@yahoo.com
I had been a student of Hindu High School,Triplicane and passed out my S.S.L.C in 1964-65.I am a chartered Accountant by profession and an employee of M/S NTPC and Uranium Corporation of India ,Jamshedpur.I retired as Director(Finance)  and now settled in Chennai now. In my period Shri.T.S.Rajagopalan was Head Master(From 1961) and T.P.Sreenivasa Varadhan was Headmaster before T.S.Rajagopalan.Mr.Ramachandran Iyer was my Maths teacher and we will call him by the nick name of " Cheetah".
K.R.Sivaraman(1964-65 SSLC) df.ucil@gmail.com
I am 61-62 batch A section Engg branch. Class teacher Maths wizard  N.Ramachandra iyer ,'cheetah' ! Boy o Boy I would like to know the genius who thought of these nick names which have stood the test of time ! TS Rajagopalan Head master,Swaminatha iyer asst Head master.
yes Kalyanaraman. what an apt name ! And 'puncture ' who used to say 'sssss' as soon as he enters the class because of heat,humdity !
H Rangarajan(1961-62 SSLC) h.rangarajan@gmail.com
I passed out in March 1972, but joined in 1964-65 in 4th standard at Chinna Hindu High school as it was called then.
The present day Indian bank Stands there. We used to pass Periya HHS and Engineering block before reaching our school from Parthasarathy naidu Street where we lived. I did Chemistry elective. Headmasters were TS.Rajagopalan of Maths book Fame. Finally it was SDK when i left. Regards for bringing those green days.
S Ramasubramanian(1972 SSLC) rschennai@gmail.com
From 5th class to SSLC, I studied there and finished in 1959. I am now settled at MADRAS, near Mandaveli Railway Station.I am fortunate to retain the group photos of my SSLC,PUC,B.Sc and B.E. I am attaching my SSLC photo and hope it creates some ripples.
V H Subramanian (1959 SSLC) vhsubramanian@gmail.com
I, Achal Narayanan [then  simply called A. Narayanan}, must be one of the really old students of Hindu High School, Triplicane, still living!   I finished mySSLC from this school in 1942.  I was an underage student then and could not join any college course that year, although I was allowed to write the SSLC exam and duly passed it. Presidency College in Madras however admitted me in mid-1942  as a fee-paying "non-university student" in the 1st year Intermediate class.  For all practical purposes I was not a regular student at all, which I became a year later, in 1943.

I first joined Hindu High School in the 1st Form {in a smaller building near Indian Bankon Big Street] and moved to the main building further down the road where I was a student from the 2nd to the  6th Form.   During this time we had a succession of Head Masters -- P.A. Subramania Iyer, G.V. Narayanaswamy Iyer [father of the Carnatic music legend G.N. Balasubramaniam] and Nambi Iyengar.  T.P. Srinivasavaradan [popularly known as TPS], Souriraja Iyengar and N. Ramachandra Iyer were amongthe senior teachers then.  TPS was my class teacher for a year and also took the Physics classes [my optional subject]; he later became a very successful Head Master.

Many were the former students of Hindu High School who later became well-known figures in various fields, including academics, science, business and law.  After my college studies I moved on to Delhi, where I spent more than 40 years, most of which in the service of the British diplomatic mission, called High Commission. I was mainly engaged in publicity and public relations work in the British High Commission, from where I retired in 1987.  Soon thereafter I relocated to Madras [now Chennai], where I am presently living in the Besant Nagar area.  Though 86 years old now, I am still active and do some freelance writing work besides being an avid Net browser. I have not had many occasions to visit my old school in recent years, though I managed to attend the Old Students Association reunions a few times. I am glad that one of my brothers, A. Krishnaswamy, who too studied in Hindu High School, is now a member of the School Committee and takes a lively interest in the school's activities.
A.Narayanan (1942 SSLC) maudgalya@gmail.com
May be it is right time to inform the new members of the group the genesis of 1962 pass out group.

By painstaking effort of a few individuals belonging to 62 batch over a period of 2 years about 40 students were located and the group re-grouped for golden jubilee celebrations in Dec 2012 over lunch. Many old teachers were identified and were honoured - some at the venue and a few at their residence as they were all 90+, Small contribution was made by each member and quality steel furniture for two class rooms and painting of two class rooms were carried out with the funds. The meeting was attended by four teachers and it was a great nostalgic reunion. Not to let the effort go after one event the group continues to meet every quarter sometimes over quart when spouses are not invited  and on other occasions when spouses are present over dinner. The occasion is usually marked by an external speaker or entertainer. Two members host the meet. Next meet is due in March 2014.
S Kalyanaraman(1962 SSLC) kalyans3@gmail.com
I passed out from our school in the year 1960. Sri N.Ramachandra iyer was our class teacher. I studied there from 5th std.I could enlist few of my class mates like,K.ramachandran, R.Krishnamurthy, Rajamani,and few others like Sankaranarayanan,G Nandakumar. I will be very glad to respond to any calls or Mails from our Alumni.  I have shifted my residence to Mumbai to be with my  son SRIVATS,and address is 2601,Relish,City Of Joy,J S D Road, Mulund[w],Mumbai-400080. My contact nos +91 93209 85507, +91 99697 64337
SrikrishnanSubramanian (1960 SSLC) srikrishnan.trs@gmail.com
I am a class mate of V H Subramanian , who has sent his school group photo . We passed out in 1959.. I was in a different section , Engg option and english medium. " Cheetah " was my class teacher and for hindi , We had Mr Mahadevan . " Himalaya " was our drawing teacher , he was over 6foot tall !! Thirupurasundari or TPS was the HM . I do attend old boys meet  and in touch with a few of my class fellows. I am still in full time service in the Simpson Group, as  a senior Executive.
S Ramachandran(1959 SSLC) ramachandran1944@gmail.com
Me ......1966 - 1972 Chemistry elective English Medium (HM's Sri...Cheetah,Ramanujam,RS........)
Pl respond regards
Dr.Ansari MBA,Phd. ( 1972 SSLC) akbar786ansari@yahoo.co.in
It is great that so many are responding. I am very senior since I studied in the School from 1945 to 1950.Nambi Iyengarwas the HM when I was in Form 1 and thereafter TPS was the HM.
G. V. Raman (1950 SSLC) gvr@shriram.com
Same vintage as GVRaman. Six years in the school ending with SSLC in 1950.
Very glad to be in touch. My elder brother was also in the School,  A.Krishnan IAAS Rtd who has passed away.
A.Rangachari IAAS Rtd (1950 SSLC)
Formerly Secretary Govt of India and Budget Adviser IMF International Monetary Fund

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