Nostalgic memories of a Scientist

- A Letter by Mr. R.Swaminathan, (VI to SSLC-1959-65 batch)
Let me introduce myself as an old student of the Hindu High School. I studied from VI class to SSLC (XI std in those days) during 1959-65. I stood first in the school in the SSLC public examination conducted in 1965 and obtained a state rank of 20. Subsequently, I studied in the Vivekananda College, Mylapore with the help of Central Govt Merit Scholarship during 1965-71 and obtained my M.Sc degree in Mathematics. I joined ISRO in 1973 and after a successful career, I retired as the Head of Aerodynamics Division in 2010 and have settled down in Trivandrum.

When I look at the Website of Hindu High School, I have nostalgic memories of the days I spent in the school and in Triplicane. When I listen to the school prayer "Yacheham Karuna Sindho", I am reminded of the days when I used to recite the prayer everyday along with my friends S.Ramarathnam, R.Seshadri, T.J.Vijayakumar and T.K.Kalyanaraman in the M.O Singarachariar Hall over the public address system. Sri. T.S.Rajagopalan, the then Head Master used to address the students after the prayer. I was indeed privileged to have been in the choir group. You may be surprised to know that after a lapse of nearly 40 years, I have renewed my contacts with my other 4 partners who are spending their retired life in Chennai.

We used to have lots of fun in the class rooms but we had a lot of respect for the teachers for their devotion and dedication. A tall teacher was nicknamed "Everest", but nobody knew his actual name! Whatever knowledge I have gained in Mathematics and English in school has sustained me throughout my career. As a mark of my sincere gratitude to my teachers Sri S.T Mahadeva Iyer and Sri. V.N Raghavachari, I have instituted prizes in their honour. If you have any information about them, kindly pass on to me.

Finally I have a small request. If you can trace old copies of the Mathematics Text Books (For classes X and XI, Composite Course) authored by Sri. T.S.Rajagopalan published around 1964 (probably by Orient Longman or Oxford University Press), can you send me by post? I have lost my copies somehow. These copies may be available in the school library. I shall be thankful even if you give me some information about their availability.

I am really proud to be associated with a great school where Right Honourable V.S.Srinivasa Sastri was the Head Master and distinguished Nobel Laureate S.Chandrasekhar studied.

I have filled and sent the enrollment form sent by you (along with a cheque for Rs.1000). Kindly acknowledge the receipt of my letter.