GOLDEN JUBILEE get together of 1962 Batch of HHS Mates

A brief nostalgic repost:

Be it R K Narayanan, the celebrated Novelist or a commoner, without any pretentions to celebrity status, School Days were always full of fun, with not a care in the world and innocence having an overriding influence over anything else.

In 1962, Mr. T S Rajagopalan, an Educationist of repute was the Principal; he was known for his teaching in Mathematics, having written many books for the benefit of students. He was good at teaching English, which he did for many “Sections” in the X Std.

Like all school students, HHS Students also were adept in “giving names” to their Teachers. “Cheetah”,”Puncture” etc were all “pet names” given to teachers but in strict humour & no malice. The Teachers on their part, were all “well intended”, took genuine interest in their wards, would not brook indiscipline and above all by and large had no malice against any of the students.

“Spare the Rod and spoil the Child” was a dictum well understood and the Teachers indeed gave Corporal punishments without the threat of the media glare and the resultant “powerlessness “ for the Teacher to correct the erring ward. The Parents too understand the spirit behind these initiatives of the School and the Teachers. There was no threat of representation by the Parent Teacher Association where the parents dictated to the Teachers what the latter shall or shall not do, under any given set of circumstances. In short, the “Western Influence” on matters relating to School Education was not there, with all the blissful consequences.

Golden Jubilee Get together:

The above was an initiative started, in fact, in August 2010, when two mates got together and decided that the Golden Jubilee Get Together of the 1962 batch must be organized & that efforts shall be initiated to make it into a reality. But since 2012 was thought to be too far away – an assumption which was proved to be erroneous later – not much was done in pursuance thereof.

Again in March 2012, four – the original two of 2010 and two more – assembled to explore the matter but apart from a “spirited” discussion, it did not move forward. In August, 2012, with more resolve and fearing that the end of the calendar year 2012 was not far off, the initiative got activated once again and this time around, with a modicum of success.

After a no of phone calls / emails, a small group of about 9 met at the School Premises on the 2nd October ’12 to give a concrete shape to the event. This was followed by a lot of consultations and elaborate discussions and the following important decisions were taken, among others:

1) The Get together shall be fixed for Saturday, 15th Dec. 12 and from 11.00 hrs to 14.30 hrs, to help the Alumni who are Music aficionados to make it to the Inaugural Functions of the Music Festival scheduled to commence that evening from 5.30 onwards.

2) The Subscription shall be minimum of Rs 5,000/- per couple and the Group also mandated that the Mates shall bring their respective wives.

3) Appropriately enough, the Meet was to be held at the Alumni Club, which besides being in the heart of the town, also was an option which could result in investing more monies on the School for improving the infrastructure – a request made by the Head Master of the School to the Delegation which went and personally invited him for the Meet.

4) To honour those Teachers who were alive by visiting their respective homes and presenting them with a Commemorative Silver Medallion.

5) To invite the Office Bearers of the Alumni Association to attend the Meet.

6) To invite those who passed out of the School in the years 1960 to 64, in order to get more money into the kitty and thereby improve the basic infrastructure at the School, provided they too were willing to pay a minimum of Rs 5,000/- as Subscription.

Appeal to the Alumni of 1960 – 64 in particular and other batches in general:

Those who access the Website may please join the initiatives of the Alumni to restore the Institution to its past pristine glory, over a period of time, with participation and contributions. Alumni Contact Details are available in the Website.

Should you desire to contact the Convener of 1962 Batch to be part of the initiatives of the get together and also part of contributing group,

please contact the latter:
N Srinivasa Raghavan
Office: (0) 2433 0343
Mobile: (0) 95516 80282 ; (0) 94440 56083
Email Id:

Jai Hind !!

N Srinivasa Raghavan