Remembering my teacher

- An article by Mr. Sampath, (SSLC-1979 batch)
Those who have had the fortune of living in Triplicane (Thiruvallikkeni) would not have missed wondering the  imposing structure at 149 Big Street, Triplicane, Chennai 600 005.  It’s board would read :

"Be Proud of Your School – Let your School be proud of you (by your deeds)"

A landmark by itself – an imposing structure - bricks and saffron coloured walls with Indo-sarsenic architecture has inspired many and created many worthy students.  Hindu High School founded as Dravida Patasala for tamil boys which later amalgamated with The Hindu Andhra Balura Patasala for telegu boys that were in existence in 1852. The school was for long, considered as one of the best schools in the Madras Presidency and was once the feeder school to Presidency College, another institute of formidable repute of yore. The School could boast of many an illustrious personalities  and has had great teachers shaping the destiny of hundreds of students.

Mr Ramaswamy, who taught us Economics,  was a strict disciplinarian (so also most others were) – was a man known for his values, ethics and personal discipline.   People like him would never come late to class nor miss any class – persons like him always put behind their personal appointments and had only the Teaching uppermost.

Mr V Ramaswamy retired during 1988 and yesterday during Garuda Sevai purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni had the pleasure of meeting him.  He is 82 +, very active and remembers people with passion.