Major projects done​ 

Centenary Block repair and repainting

One of our distinguished alumni Shri Bhagvantam Rao, who is the current Chairman and MD, at State bank of Hyderabad, came forward to help us with a donation of Rs 4.21 lakhs.

The work has been completed including painting of 20 classrooms, toilets, staircases, and exteriors . We also attended to minor masonary and electrical repairs.and repair and replacement of rain water pipes.

The final cost of the project is Rs 4.63 lakhs, the balance Rs 42,000 having been provided by the Alumni Association. 

Water treatment plant for the supply of good treated water for drinking purposes.

The TDS of the metro water being used is found to be 400 as against 100 allowed. We decided to go in for a water treatment plant, to bring down the TDS to acceptable levels. The R O plant alone costs about Rs 3.5 lakhs.
Mr. R P Sarathy , our Alumni Assn Vice President, who is the Vice President in Essar group of companies, took up the matter with another distinguished alumni of our school Shri Shashikant Ruia, Chairman of Essar group, who graciously donated rs 3.44 lakhs for the same.

We had to provide a room for the location of the plant. So Association chose an appropriate place and built this new room of size 16’X12’, and the plant is about to be erected. The total cost of this project is Rs 4.66 lakhs. The Alumni Association is bearing the balance cost of Rs 1,22,000.

Kitchen for Mid day meals

The kitchen for midday meals cooking needed complete modernization and cleanliness improvement.
We have now converted a room, into a brand new Kitchen for cooking the mid day meals in a cleaner atmosphere with tiled flooring, provision of gas stoves etc. We converted the earlier kitchen, with repairs and repainting, into a dining area, with facilities for the students to sit and have their lunch/midday meals.

This project cost was Rs 31000, borne by the Alumni Association.

Two classrooms in the ground floor of the main building, were repainted as requested by the School., at a cost of Rs 35000.

As requested by the school in the opposite side building the toilets were repaired, the courtyard was repaired to avoid water stagnation, a wash tub was built and electrical repairs were attended to at a cost of Rs24500.

We have planned to make special coaching efforts to improve the board examination results and create rank holders. Academically interested volunteers who are willing to spare time, may also contact us to help in special coaching efforts.

We have met the above expenses from the liberal donations of our Alumni. We need far more donations from large hearted donors to support continuous improvements in the school.

Your cheque, as donation may be made favouring "The Hindu Higher Secondary School Alumni Association", and couriered to the treasurer,

Sri A.Vaitheeswaran,
115, Lloyds Rd,
Chennai 600014.