Annual General Body Meeting 2015

A Report on the AG M of The Hindu Higher Secondary School Alumni Association, held at 4 30 PM , on Saturday the 25th July 2015, at The Hindu High School, Big Street, Triplicane, Chennai 600005
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The AGM started with a prayer by Shri R P Sarathy , VP of Alumni Assn.

The President Shri S Krishnaswamy (SK) welcomed the members and thanked them for this good attendance of about 80, which gives more motivation to the Alumni Assn to do good work. He added that the reports by the Secretary and Treasurer , will highlight the activities of the alumni Assn during the past year.

The board exam results for 12th had marginally improved while that of the 10th has dropped further. It is sad to see our school struggling to achieve 100% pass results in the board exams. He added that with a Educational policy that no one can be failed upto the board exams and the teachers not being allowed to punish, it is a tough task for the devoted teachers to make some of the students to study seriously.

Added to this many students are coming from very disadvantaged section of society with lack of even basic facility at home to study.

With all these restraints, which cannot be wished away, he appealed to the Alumni to help, by coming up with innovative ideas, on how to get 100% pass results and good performance to get back the glory of the school.

Then President made special mention about the relelntless efforts of our Alumni Shri Mohan Seshadri, who enrolled number of members, as well as Shri Madhavan of 1983 batch who enrolled nearly 50 of his classmates as life members.

Mr Mohan Seshadri was honored with a shawl, and Mr Madhavan was not present to be honored..

His other appeal was to help build the corpus of the assn which is at Rs 12.5 lakhs now by adding another Rs 50 lakhs to make it Rs 62.5 lakhs, which will then yield an annual interest of Rs 5 lakhs to support activities the school in a worthwhile manner..

Finally President informed the members of the formation of 4 sub committees to help,1) Academic activities under Dr Ansari, 2) for Arts activities under Shri R P Sarathy,3) For English communication, oratorical competitions etc under Shri Ramesh , and 4)for Sports activities under Shri Elangovan.

Any Alumni member wishing to help in these activities can contact them and support them.

The minutes of the previous AGM had already been circulated to all members and it was adopted, proposed by Shri K V Arunachalam and seconded by Shri Kothandaraman.

Secreatry Elangovan then presented his annual report. He mentioned that just that evening before the AGM, Mr..S.V.Venkatesan Director and Advisor -Essar Group, and Our AA,VP & Essar group VP Mr.Sarathy handed over the R.O.Plant for our school. He thanked our VP, Sarathy for organizing Rs.3.5 lakhs from our Patron member Mr.Sashikant Ruia, Chairman M/s Essar Ltd, for providing treated drinking water to school students and staff. The RO Plant needed a Shed, with necessary plumbing works which were done out of Association funds..

This plant was installed by  M/s Qwality Water Management Systems and he appealed to them to maintain the plant well, to ensure continuous supply of good drinking water.

Painting of the Centenary Building was completed, mainly out of the donation of Rs 4.2 lakhs by the State Bank of Hyderabad, thanks to their CMD, Shri Mr.Bhagwantham Rao , another of our illustrious Alumni, who was also present in the AGM. Mr Bhagwantham Rao was honored with a shawl.

The Civil work and electrical works in the Library Building were completed, as per the requirements of the School. Kitchen conversion works like laying tiles for walls and floors., painting and plumbing were done .

We have also supplied new gas Oven, Cooker etc for the Kitchen. We have renovated the old Kitchen to be used for dining by the students.

2 more class rooms in the main building were painted Shri Elangovan informed our members that our Red Building has been declared as heritage Building by Govt of Tamilnadu and would be specially illuminated during the Global Business summit.

He specially thanked our Treasurer Vaitheeswararn, who is shouldering much of the AA administrative work apart from finance.

Vaitheeswararn has supervised all the projects mentioned above .The secretary’s report was approved by the general body, proposed by Shri Sridhar (1990), and seconded by Shri N Srinivasan ( 1965) Treasurer Vaitheeswaran then made his report on the financial status of the Association stating that this is his 7th presentation.

He highlighted the fact that right from 1927 when his eldest brother joined our school his 6 brothers and 6 nephews had all passed out of this school upto 1974.

He was however not in touch with the school, and thanked President S Krishnaswamy, his classmate, for inducting him into the Alumni Assn as a treasurer.

He thanked our alumni Shri Bhagwantham Rao for his kind donation through State bank of Hyderabad, of Rs 4.21 lakhs to paint the Centenary Building. However to use emulsion paint for better Finish, Association bore the extra cost.

He also thanked the ESSAR group and VP ,R P Sarathy for the sponsoring of the drinking water R O Plant.He confirmed that as on 31-05-2015 we have on roll, 60 patron members, 245 life members , and 14 Annual members.

This is a good improvement over last year’s figures of 42, 179 and 7 respectively.This year 90 members have joined our fold and this is a record. He specially thanked Sri.Mohan Seshadri (1963) and Sri.Madavan (1987) for this achievement. . Sri.Madhavan had brought 50 Life members in a very short period.

He then presented salient points of the annual accounts:

Receipt for this year - Total receipt is Rs.2.16 lakhs -including bank interest . Receipt other than bank interest Rs.1.1 lakhs mainly due to membership drive.

Total expenses Rs.5.22 lakhs.- comprising mainly of -- R O Plant additional expenses Rs 2 lakhs, Electrical / Plumbing works – Rs 1.17 lakhs, Centenary building painting additional- Rs 59000, kitchen and other modifications Rs 87000, Prizes for rank holders- Rs 21000, AGM and meeting expenses- Rs 23000.

Thus Excess of expenditure over income is about - Rs.3 Lakhs Closing balance in SB account is Rs.1,81,601/- Cash on hand Rs.2,216/- . Term deposit is Rs.12.5 Lakhs .

Accounts were approved by the general body- Proposed by Shri R Parthasarathy (1948), and seconded by Shri R Varadharajan (1947).

Vice president Shri R P Sarathy spoke next and said that he was happy to see a much better crowd with representation from 1947 as well as number of younger members from 1990 / 91batch. He assured that he was confident on mobilising funds through sponsors for any further projects by AA for the school.

He was specially very happy to see his classmate Shri Bhagwantham Rao, who never allowed him to come first in his class. He added that the success of AA was mainly due to joint team work under able leadership of President SKrishnaswamy.

Next, Vice president Shri Akbar Ansari in his speech said that the Alumni Association is growing and glowing with continuous focus on improving various fields.

After few meetings with the management committee and on approval from them during this academic year the Alumni association worked seriously to get sponsorship for installation of the R O- water purifying plant and also renovated the rest rooms.

The school under the able leadership of Dr Ganesan, and dedicated teachers has produced wonderful results with the highest marks of 1164 /1097/1077 as the first, second and third rank holders with Tamil as language and 1101 with Sanskrit as language in the higher secondary examinations and 469/466/464 as the first, second and third rank in the Xth standard with Tamil as language and 465 with Hindi as language.

On analysis of the total pass percentage, single and two subject failures comprises a large percentage, and a little focus on this aspect would have improved the overall pass percentage to nearly beyond 90%.

The Alumni Association places a request to the management that the association to extend support to take up further steps in the improvement of School activities.

The executive members of the Alumni thank the teaching fraternity and the HM for all the efforts put up by them to produce such good results.

Vice President Shri N Ramesh followed. He stated that he was elated to see a huge turn out of about Eighty ,although we were expecting about a 100, which is so far the largest gathering of the Alumni in the recent years.

He added that there must be more than 50,000 students who must have passed out during the last six decades (and be well placed), who are spread far and , and it is highly difficult to reach all of them.

However, it is quite possible to add substantially to the membership, with the support of all present , if they extend their help.

He appealed to all to participate actively in the membership mobilisation drive, through their contacts and get in touch with the Alumni Office, like what Shri Madhavan and Shri Mohan Seshadri had done ! He added that he could see a lot of familiar faces and was glad that he was able to spot a quite a few youngsters among the members.

School management Secretary , Shri Achal Krisnaswamy at the outset thanked the Alumni for  all the improvements done to the school so far, and interest shown by the Alumni and made special mention abour the RO plant which will be very useful  to the students. The school was handicapped for number of years without proper drinking water, and also water for the toilets, and now better days have been brought in by the Alumni. He mentioned on the overall facelift of the school  after painting, cleanliness of toilets etc.   On his part he assured of his involvement and cooperation for the betterment of the school, and he will try his best for the betterment of the school.

Patron of the Association, Sri Natraj IPS,In his speech said the Alumni Association is continuously working towards the upliftment of the school activities.

The Association had, a few years back,with guidance of the teaching staff ,selected few students who excel led well in the examinations, and these students were given special coaching at certain extremely result orientated study centers.

The Alumni paid enormous fee. These students came out successful with very high marks and got admitted very easily in many professional courses.

The installation of water purifying plant and the renovation of the toilets is one another great work carried out by the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association will further interact with the teachers/parents and shall come out with certain more novel methods to further improve the performance of the students in the forthcoming examinations.

The sports activities of the school will also be strengthened and supported by the Alumni Association.

The students who secured the first 2 ranks, in the 10th and 12th Board exams in 2015, were then awarded cash prizes.

Shri Veeriah, who retired as Assistant H M , after 33 years of service, Shri C Shanmugam , B T Assistant who retired after 37 years of service, and Shri J Chandrasekhar, office assistant, who retired recently were then honored with Shawl and memento.

The services of our Auditor Mr G Venkataraman in finalizing last years accounts were appreciated, and it was proposed that he continues as the Auditor for the next year too. This was approved by the general body, as proposed by Shri Nataraj 1971 and seconded b y Shri Kothandaraman 1966.

Joint secretary Shri Ramachandran then proposed the vote of thanks.

The AGM ended with National Anthem, and was followed by hightea, and happy fellowship among the Alumni.

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